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Frozen Yogurt Pops Maker™

Frozen Yogurt Pops Maker™

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Finally Take Control Of Your Childrens Eating Habits
Prepare your own fun Healthy Frozen Frozen Yogurt Pops.


Stop buying sugar water filled tubes, you can make your own healthy freeze pops with 100% yogurt and fruits!

Worrying about your kid's poor snacking habits?

It's also a way to give your children a sweet treat that isn't full of dyes, syrups and other ingredients that aren't conducive to maintaining a healthy balance.

Many kids love them and it's getting them to eat the fruit they don't normally eat.

Why choose this Frozen Yogurt Pops Maker™?

  • Thick smoothies don’t go through the traditional funnel easily.
  • Make your frozen yogurt pops in ONLY 3 Seconds, NO SPILLING, NO MESS.

You can create unlimited combinations, for example, take yogurt as the perfect base and put vegetable juice and fruit together. Chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, yogurt, etc. Even dry snacks. Make your own healthy pops treat for this summer NOW!



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